Your sexual concern doesn’t need to be a problem.
The stigma stops here.

Mission Statement: Sex matters. Your concerns about sex are normal. We are a sexual wellness clinic focused on helping our clients overcome their concerns so they can lead healthy lives.

Organizational Values: Centre for Sexual Wellness is committed to creating an environment free of stigma and discrimination. We are sex-positive, LGBTQIA+ friendly, and kink-competent. We value our clients and their concerns and believe that creating a better community begins with helping its members find health and happiness.

Due to concerns regarding COVID-19 we will be
doing only online therapy until conditions improve.
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How Can We Help?

Concerns with vaginal dryness?
Desire discrepency with your partner(s)?
Painful penetration? Concerns with orgasm?

Concerns with erectile dysfunction? Premature ejaculation?
Delayed orgasm?

Concerns in your multiple partner relationship?
Exploring polyamory?

Questions about your sexuality?

Interest in exploring kink?

Concerns with sexual & reproductive health?

Concerns with infertility?

Questions about your gender?

Concerns about preoccupation with sex or masturbation?

Excessive porn use?